isdawgg said: Mann pretty depressing how obsessed with free shit people are... fell sorry for you :c like why can't people just buy some riot points people they don't cost an arm :/ I love your blog regardless and i'll say your cosplay is great without the intention of skin codes....i have a Caitlyn cosplay SUCH FUN :P x

Ohhh if you ever come to a con near me, lemme know and we can cait together!!

pinknroses said: hi, i played tr server. do you have skin code ? Please dont say "No" :(

?? I swear you already asked me before and I already said no

schwulscheisse said: hey there! I just saw you were giving some codes and tried them on br server, but all of them were already used :( really didnt wanted to bother, but was wondering if you still had some... awesome cosplay, btw! x)

Read my posts

pinknroses said: arcade mf pls


i been getting a ton of fanmails and im so sorry i cant answer them but i just wanted you guys to know that i really appreciate the message and encouragement and they mean a lot to me. thank you. 

acidspider said: Hey just so you know, someone grabbed the LAN skins already. Thank you anyways you are awesome!

ahhh boo yeah i ask people to usually comment on if they got it on what so people dont waste their time. oh well. i’ll try my best to get some more codes tmr. 

yuri-nyah said: Holy shit people need to stop being so thirsty for free shit


uhohdouchecanoe said: did you ever post pictures of your cosplay because im digging to find them

just go in my archive and scroll thro 

Anonymous said: Did you watch the LCS games at pax? Ornaw

i did c: 

iarekris said: Awesome Lulu cosplay! Love the Hat! and also your dream of having LMQ go to worlds is coming true! Excited?

mhmm! at the same time im still really sad curse lost qq